Paraquat Manufacturers in China have to Find a New way out

Rumors of banning Paraquat SL finally come true ,According to the recent published regulations by China Ministry Of Agriculture. The announcement stated that the ban had been imposed “ensure the safety of production and use of paraquat in China” and gave a phaseout timeline of four years.

According this regulation,both Paraquat 42%Tk and SL registration will be terminated by 1 July,2014.By the year of 1 July, 2016,selling and using Paraquat SL and TK will be completely prohibited,This will affect the exporting of Paraquat to foreign countries.Medium and small sized enterprises will suffer,however,big company will gain from this.

During this time Paraquat formulator will have to look for a new substitute to guard their domestic market.They either develop a new kind of solid formulation,or completely turning to export.But as the regulation is increasingly strict day by day,exporting would have been used only temporarily.

Recent news has merged that Redsun Group and Luba are applying experimental certificates of Paraquat SG from the Ministry of Agriculture.
Though solid formulation like SG is safe for people,but problem like dust drift can still be a big problem for production worker.Moreover SG can’t be as cheap as SL.This can be another lost which peasants have to undertaken.

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