Off-patent Herbicide in Recent Years

In the past four years,about 28 kinds of herbicide went off-patent.Which means, many companies in China can introduce affordable versions of their own.This can be a big opportunity for some Chinese manufacturers.

Generally speaking,pesticide can be divided into three types:
1.Patented / Proprietary product,
2.Off-patent but not generic product;
3.Generic product;
Detailed maket share data please check:Off-patent pesticides(2008-2011 ) 36733283691578


Most generic product are very old,mainly sold in Asia,South America and East Europe.For some off-patent but not generic products,the active ingredient may no longer have patent protection but potential generic competitors will need to establish whether ancillary patents exist that would restrict the freedom to operate.

In addition to the basic patent which protects the molecule per se, there may be other patents covering novel formulations, synergistic mixtures of active ingredients, methods of manufacture, key intermediates or the resolution of a racemic mixture to the optically active isomer.

Mixtures of agrochemical ASs are commonly used and they are either pre-formulated or tank-mixed just prior to application. One of the major ways a market can be protected against generic competition is to segment the market through mixture products.Often the mixture active substance is patent protected or is a proprietary off-patent product. In addition, many combinations of ASs have also been patented and the validity of these patents has not been challenged by the generics sector.

Some companys apply SPCs(Supplementary protection certificate ) to protect their off-patents products,the duration shall perpetuate for five 5 years after get the SPCs.For example:thiamethoxam should off-patent in June,2007,since get SPCs in Uk,date change to April,2011.Clothianidin in November,2009 as well.

This article shall not include SPCs variaties.

Year Name Company Launch Time
2008 Ethoxysulfuron Aventis(Bayer) 1992
Triflusulfuron methyl  Dupond 1992
Diclosulam Dow 1998
Florasulam Dow 2000
Pyraflufenethyl Nihon Nohyaku 1999
Bayer 2004
Cafenstrole FMC 1997
Ethoxyfenethyl  Budapest 1992
2009 Pyriminobac methyl  Japan 1996
Cafenstrole Japan 1997
cinidonethyl  BASF 1999
Indanofan Mitsubishi Chemical 2000
2010 Amidosulfuron Bayer 1990
Cyclosulfamuron BASF 1997
Sulfosulfuron Monsanto/Takeda Chemical 1997
BASF 2004
Pyriftalid Sygenta 2002
Profoxydim BASF 2001
Picolinafen BASF 2002
2011 Flupyrsulfuron methyl sodium Dupond 1997
Iodosulfuron-methyl sodium Bayer 2001
Sygenta 2001
Triaziflam IdemitsuKosan 2006
Butroxydim Sygenta 1995
Tepraloxydim BASF 2001

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