Insecticides Coming Off-patent(2012-2015)


Off-patent Insecticide(2012-2015)
Year NAME Company
/Launch Date
Application Sales Volume(billion$)
2012 Chromafenozide Nihon Nohyaku/2000 Lepidoptera pests Mainly used for vegetables, crops and fruit trees, etc
Bifenzate Uniroyal(Chemtura)/1999 Acaricidal agent for fruit, vegetables, grapes, cotton, corn,etc
2013 Thiamethoxam Syngenta/1999 Sucking insects,mites,underground insects 7.29
Spirodiclofen Bayer/1999 Mainly used for fruit, vegetables against mites 0.75
2014 Flonicamid ISK/2003 Various kinds of sucking insects 0.35

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