HDPE Disasters

HDPE Disaster

It is a common knowledge that most  EC can only be packed in COEX or Fluoride bottles,for the simple reason that some polar solvents like dimethylbenzene etc.this sovlents can gradually destroy the packing and pollute the container ,the result is that you have to pay to make it clean and you business screwed.

Recently we receive a return of goods from trade companys,because of the shrunken bottles.

See the below pics :


Content:cyhalofop-butyl EC

Bottle producer: Kunshan Dadi

They choose hdpe despite our advice use coex for cost reasons.


  1. DO NOT think price is the first priority to consider,as the saying well goes, “Cheap is dear, and dear is cheap”.do not push your supplier too hard.
  2. Indicates in the contract and specify the type of the bottle.
  3. If you insists using hdpe bottle,do heat storage test before you make your final decision.

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