Lianyungang Hetian obtained the registration of Flumetsulam tech

Lianyungang Hetian,a member of Sinochem Group,recently obtained the registration of Flumetsulam tech,became the first Chinese company approved  by ICAMA(The Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture). 
Flumetsulam is active following applications to soil and to foliage. It can be applied prior to planting and pre-emergence in soybeans and pre-emergence to early post-emergence (from 2-4 true leaves in weeds) in maize. Flumetsulam is safe to maize, soybeans and small-grain cereals, but phytotoxic to oilseed rape, cotton and sugar beet.
Usually it is formulated as flumetsulam 80% WDG。

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