Edifenphos 90% TC

Product Information:

Name:Edifenphos 90% TC ;

Chemical Name:O-ethyl S,S-diphenyl phosphorodithioate

Class:fungicides (organophosphorus fungicides)

Packing:200L /Drum


Content 90.00%
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Moisture 0.5%
PH 2.0~5.0


Mode of Action:Phospholipid biosynthesis inhibition, foliar applied with protective and curative action

Crops:Edifenphos is an Inhibitor of Phosphatidylcholine, can be used preventively to control rice blast disease .

In most countries two to four treatments are applied at dosage rates of 300 -800 g a.i./ha, with a pre-harvest interval of 21 days.

Our customer from:Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.



Crops Disease Dilution Method
Paddy Rice Blast 500-600g/Ha Spray


 edifenphos 90%
























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