Abamectin Production and Marketing on Raise

According statistics from CCPIA,registered manufacturer of abamectin is 20,only 13 in production from November to December,2011 .

Utilization of capacity was high in December.Big company’s capacity is around 500MT/Year,small one are around 5-10MT/Year.Some factories make ivermectin at the same time,this caused Emamectin benzoate production at low level.


In December,output is 229.05MT,ring up by 11.03%.

Formulator also prepare the coming season,domestic sales come up to 22.59MT.Export volume down to 19.578MT,annual comparing dropped by 8.44%.

EX-factory Price in December was 430000-490000RMB/MT.Coal price raise also caused electricity prices went up by 0.03RMB.Corn harvest make corn starch price dropped a litte.

Market demand decrease inventory to 344.745MT,annual comparing dropped by 7.3%.


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