Supply Bendiocarb|Bendiocarb 80%WP|Factory Outlet

Supply Bendiocarb|Bendiocarb 80%WP|Factory Outlet

The benefit of Beniocarb 80%WP Bendiocarb 80% WP Insecticide  Active Ingredient: Bendiocarb @ 800g/kg Bendiocarb 80% WP Insecticide is a residual broad spectrum spray for control of a wide range of insect pests in domestic,...


Get Ready for Penoxsulam Registration–Patent Coming Expired in 2017

Penoxsulam is the most popular selective herbicide,which can control most of the weeds including resistance weeds that quinclorac not able to control. Penoxsulam, also sold under the brand name Granite, is an acetolactate synthase...

Corn field Glufosinate

Why Choose Glufosinate?

Change of mode of Farming: Modern planting  now using the method of no-tillage seeding,the ratio of using fast effective herbicide is increasing. Increase of Labor Cost Increasing cost of Labor in the China,Southeast Asia promotes herbicide...


Dinotefuran,Star of the Second Generation Nicotinoid Insecticides

The resistance of 2nd generation nicotinoid is increasing,it is doomed that imidachloprid and acetamiprid will gradually lost its  market share.But still there is a huge Seed treatment market with big potential and wide prospect.  ...

hdpe bottle

3 ways to lower your cost when purchasing agrochemicals

In order to lower the cost in purchasing agrochemicals,we have to know the components of the price: 1.Technical(A.I ingredients) 2.Auxiliaries 3.Filler 4.Packing 5.Processing fees

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