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Dinotefuran,Star of the Second Generation Nicotinoid Insecticides

The resistance of 2nd generation nicotinoid is increasing,it is doomed that imidachloprid and acetamiprid will gradually lost its  market share.But still there is a huge Seed treatment market with big potential and wide prospect.  ...

hdpe bottle

3 ways to lower your cost when purchasing agrochemicals

In order to lower the cost in purchasing agrochemicals,we have to know the components of the price: 1.Technical(A.I ingredients) 2.Auxiliaries 3.Filler 4.Packing 5.Processing fees

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Use of Unmanned aerial vehicles in China

Because of the new policy from the government that farmer can get subsidies to buy agricultural machinery,the subsidies even can reach 2/3 of its total value.This attract great interests of Chinese farmers. Laval nozzle width 5.5...


Off Patent Insecticide(2013-2017)

Name Patentee Expiry Globle Sales (million dollars) Main Crops spirotetramat Bayer 2017.07.22 140 Fruit&Vegetable methoxyfenozide DOW 2013.11.22 130 Soybeans, fruits and vegetables, grapes Flupyrazofos DONGBU KYUMYOUNG 2017.06.24 / / chloramine phosphorus Li Jian(Personal) 2017.06.23...


Off Patent Herbicide(2013-2017)

Off Patent Herbicide(2013-2017) Name Patentee Expire Date Globle Sales (million dollars) Main Crops benzobicylon SDS Biotech 2014.01.07 20 Rice oxaziclomefone Bayer 2013.01.29 75 mesosulfuron Bayer 2014.10.11 290 corn foramsulfuron Bayer 2015.04.11 130 Corn Penoxsulam...

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